Tom Nations

MAJ (Ret) Tom Nations was born and raised in Michigan.  He received his BS from Middle Tennessee State University where he met his wife, the former Debbie Hayes, and also completed his Reserve Officer Training Corps requirements.  Later, Tom earned his MBA from Florida Institute of Technology. He was commissioned in the US Army 1972 and worked in Logistics.  He also developed and conducted logistics training at multiple levels of command.  Tom was part of the 1st Armored Division in support of Operation Desert Storm.   He retired in 1992 and worked for the Virginia Department of Agriculture. In 2009, he and his wife returned to his family roots in Perryville, Missouri, living on land his ancestors owned since the late 1800s.  Tom has been integral in the creation of the Perry County Military History Museum and is currently its President. Tom has also worked to expand the Veterans Memorial Wall at the Park Center which is a landmark for the Perryville community.

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